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Good Hello All,


Okay, I'm not really, but according the government and other ridiculous people who say so. Well, all I can say is...Who's Coming With Me?! and  What the Hell am I Writing about? Well, as you all know next week is banned books weeks. Where if you have anything from Harry Potter to even the Bible. You should be ashamed of yourselves....HAHAHA! Well, am sure all of us would be in really big trouble for reading any amazing books out there. 


This is the most ridiculous way of "trying" to scare off people for not reading any of these amazing books. Okay, well, there are some that I won't read, but that's my personal opinion. I'm sure all of you have read a book that has been banned from our eyeballs! So, just to (pardon my language) piss the people who are in "charge" of setting these bans. I'm going to read EVEN MORE BANNED BOOKS!!! Muhahahahahaahahahaha I feel evil lol. 


Here are some of the books that I've read that are banned

Harry Potter 1-7

Hunger Game Trilogy

The Kite Runner

The Bible (slow process)

Winnie The Pooh (What the hell were these people thinking of adding it to their list..ugh!)

Pride and Prejudice (yeah that one is on the list)

Goosebumps (I was already heading to hell and I didn't even know it)

and a ton more that I don't remember.


So, hopefully I'll get around to at least reading a couple of "Banned" books next week. The first being: Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnenut. That's my goal anyways, hopefully I'll go book shopping and pick up a few more eyeball banned books!!! 


Remember, we have the right to read whatever books we want. We should not be held back and be told no. Books have gave us all ideas and hope and that's what these people are afraid of! We need to tell them and show them, that we are not zombies and we will not stand for this. So, let us all read banned books!


Anywhozzle rant over


What are you wonderful people planning on reading or are reading? That might considered to be banned.


Good Afternoon people


This picture brought to you by the ALA. This picture says it all