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The Last Falcon by Colleen Ruttan

The Last Falcon - Colleen Ruttan

Good Hello Everyone!


How is everyone doing? Well I am here to give you another review and this one was really good. Now, I really need to get the second book of this series.


Here is the blurb


After setting out to avenge the murder of her father, a young woman with a mysterious connection to dragons finds herself caught up in a deadly struggle for power and forced to embark upon a dangerous journey to save herself and her kingdom. 


The story focuses on a 16 year old Erynn Taylor. Her story starts off when she's is 14 and her father was murdered in front of her, she was saved by a dragon. Two years later when she is working for the king, her father's murderer shows up. Strange events happens when they show up along with the same dragon that saved her shows up. Well, things go from bad to worse and Erynn is forced to leave her home. There she starts her journey along side her best friend Adena. 


I really enjoyed this book very much. I thought it was well written, this book got me on the edge while I was reading it. The only thing I would kind of be annoyed about, was the number of times the characters get caught. Other than that; this book is worth the read and I highly recommend this book for anyone. If you are wanting to read something new. 


Well, that is it for this review. I will be back with another one and hopefully more. I hoped you all enjoyed this and until next time.


Write To You All Later!!!