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Review on The Angel Hunter By Jerrod Begord

The Angel Hunter - Jerrod Begora

Hello All!


I'm actually doing a's a miracle! Lol. Today I'm reviewing a book that I won on here and it's called The Angel Hunter by Jerrod Begord.


I'm going to give you the blurb straight from the book. 


In a Godless world where angels are evil, who would you pray to for help? Lucile is a devout Catholic woman who prays regularly for God’s help in finding her missing cousin, David, who has likely skipped town on a whim. After accepting help from a stranger, Lucile thinks her prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, she is far from the truth. Lucile is about to be swept up in an ancient battle between humans and angels where angels are evil and God is nowhere to be found. Few know the reality, and even fewer summon the courage to fight against the angelic tyranny and help those in need. Meanwhile, cars are dropping from the sky, and God’s servants are in hot pursuit of Lucile and Andrew. Lucile, desperate to save her memories and find her cousin, is seemingly left with no other choice but to trust her quirky new friend who wields a gun and warns of impending disaster. Either God is good and sent the angel to test Lucile’s convictions or he is now using their lives for his amusement. Torn between trusting her strong religious beliefs and the actions of God’s angelic army, Lucile knows one thing for sure-her cousin is in a lot more trouble than she ever imagined.


This book was really good, I liked how the Author took religion and turn it into a world of craziness. The protagonist Lucile, is a good character to read in my opinion, she wasn't clingy or complaining about things, she basically just went with it. Well, when a stranger tries to throw you in a car, you'll get a little defensive too. None of the characters seem to bad, it's kind of a reality of how some people are. This book is an easy read, every time I picked it up, I didn't want to stop.


To have a fictional book question whether God is: good, evil, or not even real. It catches your attention, even though it is a fictional book. I liked how the Author took this road and made you question everything. I did! It's kind of funny the way that he took it. I know not a lot of people will agree, but it's still a good book to read. The only thing I did not like about the book was the ending. I would recommend this to anyone who is up for a different kind of read. 


Well, that is it for this review, I'm sorry that this isn't really a detailed review. I just wanted you all to find out for yourselves, on how you will take the book. If you have read it let me know how you liked it or not. 


Until the next review!!!