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Just a woman that has many books to read and many books to be bought and just to have books. Oh the books that have yet to be read by me!

I've Been A Horrible Reader!!! :( sad face

That's right, I've been horrible! I only read one book last month and that was Wicked and that was awesomely written! I will never look at the Wicked Witch of the West the same way ever again!


I had a plan of trying to read six books while I was at Texas, but that was a bust! I'm still reading the first book which is The Hobbit...can I say it's really good. I also picked up a few new books and I'm excited to have them as apart of my ever growing TBR list!!!


I have gotten 

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and

Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire!


Yep, so I need to start back up on doing reviews again...I've been so far behind. So, hopefully I will get reconnected with writing and come and entertain you all!


 Well, I hope you have an awesome day and I will write to you all later!!!



Sending you all love!!! :D 

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