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Day 7 Bout of Books 10.0 Read-A-Thon last day sad face!

Well everyone it's that last and final day of the read-a-thon. I had a lot of fun this time around and I'm sad to see it end. I didn't get to all the books from my TBR, but what can I do. I'm still reading the same book I started yesterday and it just grabbed me and I need to read more. I hope that you all had fun doing this and that you made it to your goals. Well for today's last and final challenge it's hosted by blogger Oh Magic Hour. So, lets get this challenge started shall we!


Challenge: Retitle your Current Read by Oh Magic Hour.

Here you can retitle the name of the book that you're reading or that you have read during this read-a-thon. It's simple as that! All you have to do is think about what the book meant to you and what would you rename it as. Here's mine:


Friendship Cemetery by Adele Elliott. I would rename it Life and Death, because there was so much this book offered. There was drama, paranormal, lies, and other crazy stuff. 


Tilli's Story My Thoughts Are Free by Tilli Schulze and Lorna Collier.  I would rename this A Woman's Fight For Freedom, even though I have not finished this book, I could tell that it's going to be an amazing story and as a bonus this is a true story. Of, a German woman who was a child when world war II started and her struggle to get away and be free. 


Well, that's it no more updates and challenges. I'm sad to see this go already, but like I've mentioned I had a lot of fun, more like a blast! Until the next Bout of Books Read-A-Thon! I hope you all have an awesome day, night, where ever you are. :)