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Day 5 of Bout of Books 10.0 Read-A-Thon!!! OH YEAH!

Well, there are only two more days left of this awesome read-a-thon and it's crunch time to get through my TBR pile. I don't think I will get through all the rest of the books. I am finished with my second book and going to finally moving on to my third. Crazy! I don't know how I'm still going, but I am and it's a lot of fun. So, enough of the chit chat on the the challenges of the day. Today's challenge is hosted by two book bloggers Book Monsters and Neon Yeti Reads. So, onto the challenges.


Challenge one: Rainbow Book Challenge hosted by Neon Yeti Reads

Here you find books from what else the color of the rainbow. I unfortunately am not at home to do this challenge. So, I have to back away from doing this one sad face.


But I can do the next challenge


Challenge two: Cover Scavenger Hunt hosted by Book Monsters

Here I have to find the covers of the pictures that are posted on their blog and answer them in order so here I go!





1. Hidden: A Child's Story of the Holocaust by Loic Dauvillier 


2. The Accidental Keyhand by Jen Swann Downey 


3. The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza by James Kochalka 


4. Fly Away by Patricia Maclachlan 


5. North of Nowhere by Liz Kessler 


6. Entwined by Heather Dixon 


7. The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier


8. Marathon by Boaz Yakin 


9. The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown  


Well that's it for today's fun and now onto more reading, plus other fun things that I need to do. Until tomorrow everyone. I hope you are kicking some butt on your goals and have fun doing so!