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The Count of Monte Cristo as retold by Sherlock Holmes by Holy Ghost Writer

The Count of Monte Cristo as Retold by Sherlock Holmes - Holy Ghost Writer

This story was rather interesting and fun to read. I wished that I had read the original story before jumping into this so, I can compare the stories together. I also, wish that there was more of Sherlock and Dr. Watson in this story.


If you have not read the original story. It is about a man name Edmund Dantes who was wrongfully accused and jailed for fourteen years. He escapes the jail and becomes the Count of Monte Cristo and gets back at the men who sent him to jail. Since, this is a retelling it's told how Sherlock had heard the story from the writer. He tells it the way that it actually happened.


Again, this was an interesting read and I would like to continue with the series. I like the crazy details and what it brings to the stories. I recommend this book to anyone who is into the classics and a big fan of Sherlock Holmes!