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This Wicked Game by Michelle Zink

This Wicked Game - Michelle Zink

This book was a pretty awesome book! I enjoyed it a lot, although I wish there were more to it like a little more history of the protagonist family and how her family came about voodoo practice.


This story is about a teenage girl name Claire Kincaid, who comes from a family of voodoo royalty. Her great great grandmother was a voodoo queen. Claire is brought up to know everything about voodoo, but the problem is she does not believe in voodoo. Claire just wants a normal life not having to deal with her family history. She works in her family store selling all ingredients dealing with the craft. Things change when a woman comes into a story and is not the family's usual customer. She orders ordinary ingredients until Claire looks in the back and see an item that she knows is black listed. After, the woman leaves, Claire brings this up to her mother, while trying to figure out why someone would order something dangerous. They get a call from other families who also practice the craft, saying that they too had someone at there stores ordering something that is dangerous. The family belongs to a legendary club called the Guild. This club has been around for years and members are anyone who comes from voodoo. Things become dangerous when some families homes are broken into, but nothing seems to be missing. Claire and her Boyfriend Xander finds out that the woman along with a dangerous man name Max who was formerly apart of the Guild, are up to something. Claire and Xander find out that the woman and Max had taking pictures of the firstborn children of the family apart of the Guild, except for Claire's. So, it is up to her, her boyfriend, and a couple of friends to find out what these two people are doing. Since no one in the Guild aren't doing anything about it. Claire slowly realizes that there is more to voodoo then what she thought of. She has to believe in order to save her along with all the other firstborns. 


Again, this story was really good and I hope that there is more to this story. It kind of leaves you hanging. So, if you're into voodoo or any kind of craft. This is a good book to read.


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