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Murder In Eden By Helen Goodman

Murder In Eden - Helen Goodman

This was a cute story and a good mystery of who is the murderer. I liked the character Fonnie and her spunky way of handling things. She did not give up the hope of finding this murderer and why they had killed certain people.


This story is about a retired nurse name Fonnie Beachum who lives in a rehabilitation center, after a stroke that caused her to lose the function of her left side. While here she shares a room with an old friend of hers and this friend is scared and not making any sense about something. Fonnie is concerned, but she comforts her friend and then later on when they slept. Someone crept in their room and killed Fonnie's friend. Fonnie was convinced that her friend died from the lack of oxygen, but Fonnie was a former nurse and she seen signs of murder. While trying to move on Fonnie spots a cryptic message on a community bulletin board. She is now more certain that her friend was murdered. Then even more murders happen and Fonnie has four suspects in mind, the question was which one of the four males that she knows is the possible murderer. 


This again was a good story I finished it in one day and I like Fonnie and her spunky style of thinking. This book is good for a rainy day!