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Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

Under the Tuscan Sun - Frances Mayes

I thought this book was really good. I enjoyed the recipes that she put in the book. I only saw the movie, not knowing it was a book. Then, I read the book, totally not in line with the movie and vice versa. Yes, they stuck to some of the books characters, but Frances was still married when she and her husband bought the place and fixed it up. I should have known not to trust the movie, but they were both good.


Frances is a teacher, wife, mother, and writer. She and her husband decided to buy in villa in Italy and fix it up. They were using it for the summer and on occasion for Christmas break. She does write about the people she's meet and how the house came along. Only, to see one thing fixed and having to worry about another. She and her husband had made it through it all and had their ups and downs with it, but it was finished in the long run. She writes about a couple of Italian towns they've traveled through and the history. She has a couple of chapters dedicated to summer and winter recipes, which, seem really delicious even the ones dealing with seafood (I'm not a big fan of seafood). This book was just full of her memories on working on this villa to make it their home away from home.


I'm happy that I've read this book and I found it filled with good thoughts and memories. There were some funny moments and some why is this relevant moments, but after reading the whole thing. I seen what she saw and it was enough for me to enjoy her world filled with Italian things!