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Day 5 of Bout of Books Read-a-thon! What!

Hey every so here I am in day five of the Read-a-thon and it's so fun and a quick update for you all. I'm still currently reading "Under the Tuscan Sun" by Frances Mayes and it's a lot different compare to the movie, which is fine by me. It's a pretty easy read if you're not distracted by the elements of the house hold! So yes there is also a couple of crazy challenges going on so here I go with them both.


Challenge One: Create A Story hosted by blogger Never Too Fond of Books. This is also, a giveaway so here I go with this one! What you do  with this challenge is to go to the last page you've read in the book you're currently reading and write down that last word of every line and well create a story or a poem. (Note the words don't have to be use in order, also, if you have a word that is split from that last word into the first word of a new line, you can use it or not)


Book: "Under the Tuscan Sun" by Frances Mayes; Pg #: 74


Here are my words: attracting, fruit, jam, sweet, oven, mornings, and, book, hills, were, bowl, on, pear, be, summer, and years. 



Summer years and attracting

mornings. Were hills on book; be

oven sweet pear fruit jam


Makes no sense I know but it was what I had to work with! Moving on! 


Challenge two: Book Spine Poetry hosted by blogger : The Book Spines

Here you choose book spines to create a poem and take a picture, afterwards you upload it, and that's it! It's really easy to do!


Here is my poem/picture:



No bad for this one! 


That's it for my update and stuff and I hope for those who are also doing this read-a-thon kicks some butt and finish! Well have a great day and...


Later Days!