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The are of "French Women Don't Get Fat" by Mireille Guiliano

French Women Don't Get Fat - Mireille Guiliano

This was a pretty unique book that was full of truth and recipes. I really enjoyed it and it has opened my mind to the French culture. I like the little family stories that Mireille tell of her being a girl and her family. Plus, the added bonuses of recipes and deliciousness of some of the recipes that involve fruit!


The story is center around Mireille, but she also, focuses on helping women from whatever age to lose weight all by eating good. Mireille had come here to the U.S. as a teen as an exchange student. While here she enjoyed the foods and desserts that we had here, and with the unfortunate happening of her gain weight and going home a little overweight. She talks about what she did to lose the weight and the wonderful help she had gotten by a family doctor. She gives step by step instructions on what women should do. She also, tells of what she had done to keep the weight off. As I said earlier, she has proved recipes to help women to lose the weight. By eating soups to eating breads and chocolate.


This was good and I hope to be following this book one day and see where I can go from there. This isn't your ordinary diet book, this lets you experience the French culture in your own home!