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Just a woman that has many books to read and many books to be bought and just to have books. Oh the books that have yet to be read by me!

3rd and 4th day of Bout of Books read-a-thon!!!

Yesterday, I didn't get far into my third book and it was bad, but I still did the challenge and it was a giveaway as well. Which was hosted by blogger Doing Dewey which was to introduce someone to your favorite genre.


Today, I finally finished Faitheist by Chris Stedman it was really good, but I will do a review later for this book. Next up to read is Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes. Which I seen the movie and like it, but have not read this book. 


Also for today's challenges and one giveaway are host by two bloggers.


First one is pair two books together like a double date from any genre but the thing is it can't be from the same series; this was also, a giveaway. Hosted by writing my own fairy tale


Last was a poem challenge where you pick a book and your favorite number and count down the lines and then count over that number you choose. You have to come up with 14 words and then replace two of those words with different ones that will go with your poem. This is hosted by pen in her hand which my poem went like this:



The book I chose is “Faitheist” by Chris Stedman

Number: 7

Words: I, religious, subzero, years, of, Even, on, recognized, high, the, a, perception,time, and

Word changed: I to on, the to feelings

Recognized years of
subzero high of religious
feelings, Even on a perception
and time


Well that's it for today's and yesterday's update. Until tomorrow's update


Later Days!