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Popped by Carol Higgins Clark

Popped  - Carol Higgins Clark

This was a funny story and it had no deaths in it! Which is always awesome to come across a mystery that has no deaths. Sorry for the spoil! 


The story is a series focusing on a woman named Regan Reilly. In this one Regan gets a called from an old school friend named Danny Madley, who needs her help figuring out who is trying to sabotage his show. Regan agrees to help and flies from LA to Vegas. There she meets a crazy bunch of couples, who are apart of a reality TV show to renew their vows, and win a million dollars. Danny has been getting threatening letters and strange things have been going on to his cast. All while competing for a spot with a sitcom group. Regan is way over her head with these people and trying to help Danny and it also does not help that Danny's parents are there too. In the end the story turns out to be crazy and everyone is in shock to figure out a secret that the owner of the cable company has been keeping.


Like I mention this was a very funny story, I was figuring out what was going on along with Regan. It kept me going and it was a very easy read through. Don't let the size of the book fool you! Well that's it! Until the book! YAY BOOKS! and over use of the exclamation point :) Writ to you all later!