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Sky Hunter by Chris Reher

Sky Hunter - Chris Reher

This story was really good and it taught a valuable lesson at the end. Which is no matter what happens, if you have a goal and stick it out and stand up for what you believe in. Then, you will get far!


The story is about a woman names Nova Whiteside and she is the only female pilot, among the guys.She puts up with a douche bag of a Captain Named Beryl (that she does not follow) and he abuses her. While going on a mission something happens to her comrade and she has to save him, but they both end up getting caught. They are taking to a hospital, where they try to heal her friend and they use her to help. Along the way she meets a man named Djari who she likes. Afterward things happened and Nova is sent back to her base and Nova is suspicious of Beryl and his crew. She is thrilled to see Djari and wants to be with him. But, in the end things turn out different and Nova is taking aback. In the end she is rewarded with what she has been waiting for!


Like I said this was a really good book and the lesson is Don't ever back down. That's why this to me is a five star rating in my book! Until next time!!!