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A Life Ruining story of Awesomeness! The Bone Season By Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season  - Samantha Shannon

This was an amazing book through and through. It took me awhile to really focus on it, but once I did. I got caught up in the world of Paige Mahoney and I was amazed by the amazing writing. I personally loved the book, I don't know how others will feel about it, but I want more from Miss Shannon!


The story is center around Paige Mahoney who is 19 and is apart of an underground criminal world in Scion London, she and her father had moved from Ireland to England for a job. She works for a group called the seven seals. Paige has been working for the mime-lord Jaxon for three or four years and has enjoyed it some what. One day while visiting her dad, she was in her bedroom going to sleep when she heard a noise and knew right away, that she needed to run. She was caught and was send to Oxford to a secret city that has been around for two hundred years. It was run by a race called the Rephaim. This race wants to look for and control Clairvoyants, for the sole purpose being selfish. Paige had caught the attention of a Rephaim named Warden. He never takes anyone in, but she was a special case. She is a rare kind of Clairvoyants, she is a dreamwalker. Paige is branded and treated like cattle at first, she lost her name and replaced it with a new one: XX-59-40, but her Keeper calls her by Paige. Paige is angry and hated the Rephaim for taking her and for taking others. They treat them horrible unless they get to the top called the red jackets. A lot happens and Paige is confused about Warden, slowly his past is revealed to her and she begins to understand his purpose for treating her like a human. 


This again was amazing, I cannot wait for the second book, for being Samantha's first book; she did a good job at ruining my life and now I'm a fan of hers. It just brought out so many feels, so many feels! Must Read in my opinion! Well until the next review!!!