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An Air of Treason: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery By P.F. Chishol

An Air of Treason: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery - P.F. Chisholm

I got this e-book as an ARC through NetGalley. It was alright it wasn't really my cup of tea. I really didn't understand a lot of things, but it got to the point towards the end. It was a good story, but this book had me questioning it. Like why is the character Hughie going after the character Sir Robert Carey, because another character Sir Robert's lieutenant Dodd is the Hughie's enemy (I hope you got that if not I'm sorry!) What happened to Hughie at the end?


This is part of the series of Sir Robert Carey. In this one Carey (as he is called) is ordered by his aunt Queen Elizabeth I to solve a cold case, that happened 32 years ago. The person who was murdered name is Amy Dudley, the wife of the Queen's lover Robert Dudley. He is not so happy to be solving this case, because of not getting to be paid. He is poisoned and then shot at by a crossbow and he eventually solves the case. But, there are switches between Carey solving his case and his Lieutenant Henry Dodd trying to get to Carey, he get ambushed and robbed and injured. He is trying to recover and get to his master. He manages to get to Carey and without knowing it helping to solve the case that Carey was working on. 


Like I mentioned I didn't understand a lot of things and then I got it, mainly why they kept switching back and forth from Carey to Dodd. I was a little angry, because Dodd had nothing to do with solving the case and then towards the end it made since. Then the character Hughie, what the hell is the point of him. It was good, if it was set differently then I wouldn't mind reading it, or if it was different story of this series. I would give it a chance again. 


What I liked about it, is that the author gives you bits and pieces of the Tudor history and she goes into detail a little bit more at the end of the history of the Tudor family.


Well I hope this was good enough, I had to take notes at the end of each chapter just so I know what I was read, but it was still good! Have a nice rest of the year everyone!