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The sweet life of The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

By Sue Monk Kidd: The Secret Life of Bees - -Penguin (Non-Classics)-

This book was full of many emotions and sweetness of Honey! I loved every minute of this book. It took it was a nice inside look of the 1960's when things were hard for the civil right movement.


Lily Owens is a fourteen year old who just wants to know about her mom. Her dad isn't a dad to her. She calls him T-Ray for goodness sake that's how their relationship is. Her "nanny" Rosaleen took over as a mother type when Lily's mom died. Lily knew that it was her fault that she died, she was little and really didn't know what she was doing. One day herself and Rosaleen were on their way to have Rosaleen register to vote, but because she was black and was on her way. A group of men prevented her from going any where. She ends up offending them and she was hit and taking away. Lily and Rosaleen were going to jail. T-Ray gets Lily and leaves Rosaleen as soon as they leave, the arresting officer lets in the group of men to beat Rosaleen more. Lily finds out and she goes and helps Rosaleen escape. The two run away and end up in Tiburon, South Carolina.


There they meet August, May, and June Boatwright three sisters that might have the answers that Lily is looking for. Lily doesn't tell the sisters right away of who she is and why her and Rosaleen have ran away. It takes some time and some lessons to make for Lily to finally open up and reveal who she really is.


This book and also movie was really good and touching, some sad moments, horrible moments, and moments that pisses you off. But it's so worth it! That is the end! There will be more where that comes from! :)