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The Cute story of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett

This was a very cute story and it brought out my inner child, imaging the garden in front of me and seeing and smelling all the flowers and plants around. I wish I could have my own secret garden, so that way I too can plant and relax and work the day away. Thou at the beginning Mary was the type of child that needed to be reminded not everyone is going to wait on you hand and foot and that you will get into a lot of trouble being mean. Just like her cousin Collin too, but they grew on me once they realized that not everyone can really have it there way.


Mary Lennox is the main character and she goes from being a spoiled child to depending on herself. She lived in India all her life and she was used to being waited on hand and foot, nobody had the nerve to correct her.Her parents were not around her and her mother didn't want anything to do with Mary and her father was to sickly. Until, one day a horrible sickness came and took her parents and she was left orphaned. Her Uncle Mr. Craven comes in and is to be her guardian. The thing is Mr. Craven doesn't really want to be bothered by her and not see her, but one time. Mary is used to not liking people and always has it her way in India. The servants in England are different and she is confused by the new ways of her new home. She is told that she is to rely on herself for entertainment. So she gives in and explores what she's allowed to explore and to stay away from certain wings and places, then she came across a worker who told her about a garden that her uncle and his late wife had. Mary is curious and wants to find this garden, she finally does and let herself in after finding the key her uncle had buried. She is excited by this and needed to do something to it. Slowly Mary starts to like the people at her new home.


Mary makes friends with a boy named Dickon and founds out she has a cousin named Collin. Together the three make magic to this secret garden. Mary learns a lesson from her new home. The children are happy and so is her uncle when he came home and discovered what they had done.


This story again is cute and adorable and I couldn't help but laugh at some parts. This is a good children's book to read at any age!

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