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Prayers For Sale by Sandra Dallas

Prayers for Sale (Reading Group Gold) - Sandra Dallas

This book was so heart warming and cute that I wouldn't mind rereading this again and again. So many feels towards this book and I wouldn't mind buying it as a stand alone, I have four books in one. 


This amazingly sweet story is about a woman name Hennie who befriends a 17 year old married woman name Nit. The two met while Nit was looking at Hennie sign that said prayers for sale. Then the girl left with a prayer "bought" and Hennie provided one for her. The two became close and Hennie knew that she had to leave to live with her daughter. So Hennie tells Nit her story and many of them, plus taught her where the best of fruit for making pies were. Hennie and Nit love spending time with each other and Nit loves to hear Hennie's many stories. A lot of things has happen to Hennie and in the end was a bit of a twist. But it was a very good ending.


So like I said very heart warming and cute, plus, had a lot of feels. This story is totally worth the read if you are looking for all feelings. Well that is the end!