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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre - Susan Ostrov Weisser, Charlotte Brontë

I love love love this book. I finished it a few days ago and it was amazing. Loved the character Jane. There were a lot of characters that I would have loved to smack beside the head so hard and other that I would love to have deck them. Like for one Smacking the back of the head: Mr. Rochester for being so rude when it came to Adele, Why bother taking her on as a ward if you can't stand children. God! what a douche (sorry) but even though I love the chemistry between him and Jane, he just needs a head smack.


People that I want to deck in the face!

Mrs. Reed 

John Reed

Mr. Brocklehurst (the biggest douche of them all)

Blanche Ingram 

Mrs. Ingram


There I spoke my peace kind of, I'm sure there might be other characters but those are the ones I really wanted to punch. Sorry for my crazy ways of thinking!


This story deals with lost, love, grieve, secrets, craziness, and happy stuff. There is more to it. There is a lot of feels in this book so be prepared.


If you don't know the book. The story is center around a girl name Jane who lost her parents when she was young. Her uncle took her on as his own and made his wife promise to raise Jane as her own. The uncle passes away and his wife does keep the promise, but she  and her children are horrid towards Jane. Jane's aunt had had enough of Jane's "attitude" and sends her away to a school with horrible conditions and a horrible "headmaster" if that is what you would call Mr. Brocklehurst. After some horrible event and things changes, Jane stays there for eight years and is finally ready to move on. She take a job as a governess to a 10 year old girl name Adele and Jane is to be living at a place called Thornfield. The master of the house is Mr. Rochester and he is in his late 30's. He is hardly around and when he does come home he is introduce to Jane. The two get to know each other and Mr. Rochester and Jane fall in love with each other, but there is a terrible secret that Jane has found out on the day of her wedding, and she runs away.


After a few days of not eating much or sleeping and living in the cold Jane meets a nice family consist of two sisters and a bother, their father had passed away and they are left the house, but the father had debuts that had to be paid. The family takes in Jane and the sisters are immediately smitten with Jane. Their brother is not to sure how to take Jane in. After living a few months with them and the girls leaving to become governess themselves. Jane is to be a teacher to poor girls and to live on her own. After awhile Jane been told discoveries of this little family that she has grown fond too.


After being away for so long from Thornfield and Mr. Rochester, she starts to miss her friends, charge, and Mr. Rochester. She goes back and discovers that something has happened to the house that she loved, and is worried that Rochester had died, but he didn't and she goes to him right away. The two are finally reunited, but Rochester is blind and missing an arm. After talking awhile and seeing that they both love each other, they are married and live happily.


Loved this book despite the fact of such awful characters, but this is a must read! So go and read it if you haven't! OK that is the end! 


How I felt though some amazing scenes!