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At Arms by A. Rosaria

At Arms - A. Rosaria

This story is more like 5 stories plus a bonus one that doesn't involve any of the characters from the 5. I thought it was awesome for one, it was different from what I'm use to reading, and it was a pretty good plot line. 



The stories were all in different views of different people, but what pissed me off the most was the character of Robert. He was being a complete douche (pardon my language) and I have other things to say about him, and all I have to say about the ending is, that is what he gets for being such a douche bag (pardon my language again). You'll have to read it to find out what I'm talking about. It was a sad situation about what happens in the story, but like I said, that's what happens when you turn your back on it and become a complete moron about the situation at hand.


I give this a five because of moral of this story. This book makes you think of what's more important, rather then completely ignore the situation at hand and come out a tragedy at the end. I also, have to add that I'm not on either side of any of the characters, but like I've mentioned you'll have to read it for yourself.


The bonus was slightly confusing at the end it had me thinking of what just happened. So It is a good read if you're into horror type of books, I just got into them myself and they're not so bad!