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Persuasion Review

Persuasion - Jane Austen

This story was slightly confusing and boring at first. This was not really my favorite Jane Austen Novel. I had to hand it to her, she manage to pull me in towards the end. The whole time I was at the edge saying when is this *ship going to happening. 



The story centers on a woman name Anne Elliot who is the middle child and is 27 years old, not married, still kind of lives at home, and is heading towards the path of spinsterhood (boo). She had this love interest name Frederick Wentworth that she feel in love with eight years ago, but things happen and they're not together. She did have another proposal from her younger sister's husband at first, but she turned him down. While visiting her younger sister her first love Wentworth came back into the picture. Things are all over the place the feels that everyone has. You see why I was confused about this story if you read it. Good ending and happily ever after and stuff. 


I was confused and then bored and more confused and bam an interest in the end yay. So many feelings I had on this story. That is the end and I will be back for another review and things!




*Ship when you put two people together and they will love each other forever! For people who may not understand