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Flirting with the Camera by Ros Clarke

Flirting With The Camera - Ros Clarke

This story was pretty epic for me because the main woman is plus sized! I don't ready a lot of stories that center around a plus size woman oh wait yes I have sorry. This story the one you wouldn't think would get that hot guy in the in. Did, get the hot guy in the end. 


The story is center around two people Hattie Bell and Tom MetCalfe. She had always wanted to become a model, but with her weight it was hard for her to land anything good. Tom needed a model for a shoot that he was having. He had auditioned so many young women that he couldn't find anyone good. Then Hattie shows up in all her glory and Tom is instantly taking away by her personality. The two fell for each other pretty quickly, but Tom has some issues to deal with. At the end it's a fairy tale ending in away.


Love this book and the characters. What more can I say, but if you have a chance to read it do it!


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