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Lady Susan Review

Lady Susan - Jane Austen, R.W. Chapman

OK so this story was in told by letters to each person. The story was a bit interesting and kind of boring, but there were some parts that peeved me and I was getting so mad at Lady Susan, for saying horrible things about her daughter.


The Story is like mentioned center around a woman named Lady Susan. She has lost her husband so odd months or years (don't remember). She has either invited herself or her brother-in-law invited her to stay with him and his wife for a while. While there Susan meets her brother-in-law's wife's brother and is taking with him. Then Susan's daughter arrives and well Susan is not at all happy with her because of her behavior at school. Susan is trying to marry off her daughter to a young man and Susan is trying to marry the brother of her sister-in-law. In the end well things take a different turn.


I gave it four stars because it was an alright story and I laughed when Lady Susan didn't get her way so yeah. Alright two more reviews to come yay!



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