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BoBs Day Six!!!

Well hello there everyone and how are ya? Me....well, I am tired I stayed up for 24 hrs. Just to watch the Royal Wedding. I didn't get to bed until 9 am here in the U.S. I am worn out and I just want to go back to bed and not move, but I will say that staying up all night was worth it! I didn't watch William and Kate get married and I don't know why I decided to watching Harry and Meghan?


Anywhozzles, I am going onto long with the wedding! LOL! I of course am here to update you all and share a challenge. Reading Update: I haven't gotten around to reading yet. I did manage to read Charlotte's Web very early in the morning while waiting for a few things! But, I've been up for a few hours and I just need to push myself to read. But, I am enjoying the reads.


As for the challenge it's pretty simple all I need to do is just share a favorite moment or two from doing Bout of Books. And, it's just being able to do the challenges and having fun. Learning about books that have been added to my TBR wish list. Plus, the awesome people who would comment on your blog, telling you to "keep up the good work", "you're doing an awesome job". It's just a lot of fun being apart of the craziness. I don't remember how I found out about BoBs, but all I know that I was super excited to find a read-a-thon that I would stick with for quite awhile. And, I have to thank the ladies who had come with the idea! So, Thank you Amanda and Kelly for coming up with an awesome read-a-thon!


So, that is it from me for today. I will of course be back tomorrow to wrap it up! I hope you all are enjoying your day! 


Until Tomorrow!