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Welcome to the 4th day of BoBs

Hello and welcome back to day four of BoBs update yay!!! Well, of course I have an update and it's not really exciting or anything, but hey I am reading a new read. This time I am reading "Steampunk Fairy Tales" by various authors. And so far the stories are pretty good and I have still quite a bit to go. Wow, I honestly don't have a whole lot to update you all on. Except there is a challenge for today and this one is rather interesting. 


The challenge for today is: Character Dating Profile and it's by blogger: Liz Whitehouse


So, for this challenge all you have to do is just crate a dating profile for a character. Here is who I came up with:


NAME: Bella Swan

AGE: 17/18

LOOKING FOR: A 108 year old vampire who is sparkly and cold

LIKES: Brushes with Death, Being a Hero, Being a "Teen" Mom


Okay, so maybe that is just a little bit more of a joke here's another one.


NAME: Elizabeth Bennett 

AGE: 23

LOOKING FOR: A man who can provide a challenge

LIKES: Reading, Dancing, Having fun with Sisters


So, that's pretty much it for today. I know this isn't exciting, but I am having one of those days. Enjoy your day or night and Kick ass at your TBR. Until Tomorrow