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A Story that I Ended up Liking

Apologize, Apologize! - Elizabeth   Kelly, Jeff Woodman

Hello everyone and how are you?! I hope all is well and you are having an awesome time. I'm doing pretty good at my end, not much to complain about. Well, enough of the small talk lol! And, onto this post that is a book review YAY!!! The book is called "Apologize, Apologize" by Elizabeth Kelly. This novel was her very first and now I will tell you all about it...kind of!


The story is about a guy name Collie Flanagan (yes, his name is from a dog breed). This is from his prospective on how he grew up on Martha's Vineyard with his crazy Irish-Catholic family. A dad(who's name I forgot) who is drunk it seems like 24/7, a mom (who's name I also forgot) that really doesn't care about Collie and hates her father (she thinks he murdered someone!), a playboy of a younger brother name Bingo, a pigeon-racing uncle name Tom (who is the older brother to the dad and pretty funny), and lastly a very rich grandfather name Perry who is the prime income holder for the whole family (which they do not live with him and this is the father to Collie's mother). So, he shares his story growing up.


Okay, so this book had turn out to be better than what I expected. I mean, I went from disliking this book to really finding myself grown attached to this crazy ass (pardon) family. There where moments in this book where I really wanted to deck the mom (more so then ever!) and of course smack Collie for just being constantly down in the dumps. There is a few heartbreaking moments, that had me really needing to close the book and set it aside for the night. Moments that had you laughing a little, and also yelling at the book too. Yeah, I am a crazy reader. But, this book is a totally worth the read if you are up to it. I mean I got this at a used bookstore thinking it was going to be hilarious. Yes, it was hilarious and it was also full of all other emotions. I have to hand it to the author for it being her first novel at the time. It was well written in my opinion, but it is up to you all to figure out rather or not you will enjoy it.


HOLY BOOK BATMAN! I'm done for today!!! I will be back on Monday with a brand new post. Until then, have a kick ass weekend!