Ali In Book Wonder

Just a woman that has many books to read and many books to be bought and just to have books. Oh the books that have yet to be read by me!

Day 6 of BoBs

Hey everyone and how's it going today? I hope you all are doing great!!! I'm doing pretty good myself I have been reading a lot today. So, I'm happy of that. I will say that the book is so different from the movie (yes, I watched the movie, but didn't know it was a book) So, yeah. Like I mentioned yesterday there are no challenges today! It's just a free day for us. Also, this is the second to last day of Bobs and I have had fun. So, how is everyone doing in your reading? Are you planning on doing any upcoming challenges &/or read-a-thons?


I know that next month is ban books week, so I might do something with that. Plus, I know that there is a Halloween bingo game going around. 


Wow, this is totally not what I was hoping for. It's kind of sad that I don't have a challenge for you all to share. I know! I will make up my own challenge. It's going to be called Guess that book....Oh wait that will be way to easy for me since I will be doing the challenge! Dang it! Okay how about a story talk?!...No it'll be boring and so long and pointless. I honestly am stumped right now! Oh well!


Well, I guess that's it from me. I will be back tomorrow to do my final update and again no challenge. I hope you all have great day/night where ever you are.