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The Third Day of BoBs!!!

Good hello everyone and how are you all today? I hope you all are doing awesome! I'm doing pretty good! Well, as you can tell it is the third day of BoBs. I'm still reading "Water for Elephants" (although it's been a slow start,) but I'm making out alive....kind of!!! So, for today I haven't read just yet, I've been a little busy packing! And I'm getting a little hangry, because it's getting late on in the afternoon yay!!! But, I'm just peachy! So, before I start eating my desk or something I'm going to quickly do my challenge of the day. Which is brought to you by again by the lovely folks of BoBs. All I have to do is just share my bookshelves (in my case only one!!@) hehe. I have managed to fill all three of my little shelves with books yay!!! So, before I show you my updated pic of my bookshelf. There are some rather entertaining things on there. Let's get sharing shall we!!!





Look how awesome it is lol!!! (Everyone, I'm sorry not sorry for all the exclamation points I use, I just like them too much!!!) Yes, you do see movies and a couple of coffee mugs and some other things, but they're apart of me!!! I hope you enjoy it!


Well, that's it from me for this round of BoBs. I will of course be back tomorrow for another update. So, I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.






Loved this show when it was on!!!