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The Fault in Our Stars! A Review

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Hey everyone and how's it going? How's life? Me! I'm doing fantastic. I just have been chilling and reading and planning. Today, I bring you a review yay! On what book? I have no idea...Just Kidding! :D I will be reviewing John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars." Let's get started! First, I will need 1 blurb, follow by my thoughts. Let's mix them together shall we?!


The Story focuses on 16 year old Hazel (Grace) who has survived cancer, but as a result of surviving has developed a permanent breathing problem. Just when she thinks her life is in order. In comes a gorgeous plot twist (John's words!) Whose name is Augustus Waters. And, completely changes Hazel's life.


This is my first John Green read and I adore it this book. Of course I knew of John prior to reading this book thanks to youtube.


I do have to confess that I have seen the movie before reading (the funny thing is I had this book before hand!) Anywhozzles, I feel better moving on. I found this story to be: sweet, funny, adorable, and sad. I respect the realism of how this was written. Hazel may have felt that she wasn't a "typical" teen, but she still is regardless of her illness. But, to me what separates Hazel from every other teen girl, is her realism. She seems to know what can really happen. That's what I like about her. Gus is sweet, funny, caring, and charming, and he doesn't take life as serious. What I adore about him is his humor and his love for Hazel. He has helped Hazel to just enjoy life. These two balance each other out and their love for one another was real. There are others characters to write about, but I wanted to keep this short. But, I will however, share my favorite parts of the book dealing with their friend Issac (who's blind).


The first is when Gus and Hazel helped him destroy Gus's basketball trophies, when he ex-girlfriend broke up with him. The second is when Gus helped him egg his ex's car. Pretty much any scene with Issac is funny!


Well, that's it from me. I'll be back on Monday getting things started for BoBs week!!! Until then, I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.