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The Last Battle Review

The Last Battle - C.S. Lewis

Hey everyone and how's it going? How is life? I'm doing pretty good myself. Plus, I'm excited to be sharing the last book review from The Chronicles of Narnia Series. Which is "The Last Battle" it's so good to finally finish!!!


Well, I'll give a run down. Narnia has been in total chaos because there seems to be an impostor posing as Aslan. All the Narnians seem to believe that it's the real Aslan. So, in comes Eustace and Jill once more to help out to see if this is the real Aslan or not.


Ok, this book was amazing and wonderful as well as the others. Reading it all was quite fun and it didn't dull at all. Page after page seemed to have a lot of emotion and adventure going through them. I was taken aback by the ending. I mean what in the world actually happened? I don't want to give it all away in case you haven't read it yet. But, wow! So much had happened and for it to end this way, it's like dude what?!


Well, that is it from me! I'll be back on Friday with a different post! Not another book review yet, I need a break from writing reviews lol. Until then I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are.