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How I Would React In A Book World!!!

What's up everyone and how's it going? I'm doing pretty awesome, exercised, died a couple of times while doing so, but now I'm alive to bring you a new topic of something fun and exciting. Which is how I would react if I was in a book and dealing with the same situations! The first book I'll be "reacting" to is that one guilty pleasure that a lot of us don't really want to admit we've read and that is "50 Shades of Grey" ......Just Kidding I'm not into that ish. I'm talking about that one book that inspired the author of 50 to write. "TWILIGHT" by Stephenie Meyer, yes I was obsessed this damn series and I still have all the books......and the movies (DON'T JUDGE!)


Anyways these books have become so largely hated by everyone now, and we actually woke up, because, everyone and their mom was obsessed with vampires and dude, no thank you! Plus, everyone started making fun of the books and well I kind of do too, but it's still kind of a guilty pleasure for me (a little).


I know, I know I'm totally getting off subject here. So, let's get started on this crazy adventure. How I would react if I was in Bella's shoes.


1. Seeing Edward and the rest of the family.


Now, the old me would be really curious, shy ,and wanting to know who they are. I would probably be creeping on them to find out who they are. Now, the me now wouldn't give two damns about them, I would think they all had some kind of surgery to look as "beautiful" as they are! Especially their parents!


2. The first meeting with Edward.


Now, like Bella I probably wouldn't say a damn word to him on how he is treating me. Acting like I'm like a damn disease or something. I would stay quiet, but inside my mind I'm having a full on rant on how this dude, who I've never met is being such a douche bag to me right now and now I want to bitch slap him. Cheese and Biscuits guys!


 3. Properly meeting Edward.


Now, Bella did call him out and so would I. I would then proceed in telling him that I thought he was being a douche bag, but being who I am I would hear him out on why he was so rude!


4. The Crazy New Friends.


Yeah, would totally walk away from all of them, except for Anglia she seems the best of them all.


5. Discovering that Edward is a Vampire.


Yeah, I would first cry, then scream, then pee myself, then run and damn it if Supernatural was a thing I would be calling Dean and Sam for help! I would try to "run" (damn it I know damn well I can't I would be huffing and puffing and fall) But, we can totally be besties, because don't need that drama in my life


6. Being hunted by a crazy blood thirst vampire that isn't your new bestie.


Um, first off I would be pissed, what the hell kind of scent do I give off and what can I do to combat that (burp, fart, not bath for a month cause I will). Now, hanging out with other vampire you know that nothing in the whole entire world would stop them. Bella should have been doing her homework when she decided "oh yeah I'm just going to bring this here pepper spray to see if it will stop James from getting after me" NO! I would say "hey, this creep right here is causing drama in my life, come with me please because you all know what to do." What the hell could I do? Spray garlic all over me and pray it would work? NO!


7. If I end up getting injured in the end due to the drama.


Um, you all owe me something big and damn it you're paying for prom Edward, I would put this all on that damn psycho path, but he's dead. So, you're the next best thing! Oh and thank you for saving my life!!! BFF's Forever!!! LOL! No, I wouldn't know really what I would do......Nope! I would still have them at least pay for the hospital bills.


Well, that's it from me. I would probably do more reacting in Bella's shoes in other situations later on, because this was fun. I hope you all enjoy this crazy side of me, it's not finely tuned yet, but I will think of other ways of doing this. Also, what would you do if you ended up being in Bella's shoes?


I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are and I'll write to you all next time!