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6th Day of BoBs!!!

Hello hello everyone! Coming to you semi-live and not in person lol! So, today is the second to last day of Bout of Books and let me tell you it was a nice change from the crazy, although I do miss the crazy of BoBs Week! I have also come to you with an update to what I'm reading. Which of course is The Darkest Mind and I have gotten pretty far into the book I just stopped in the middle of chapter 24 and so close to finishing! I have seven chapter left and I just want to get it done! Hopefully I will have it finish by tomorrow.


Well, for my challenge today it's pretty easy! All I have to do is share my favorite moments of bout of books week! Not to hard and not much to think about yay.


So, some of my favorite moments of bout of books was discovering it when it was on its ninth run! I don't remember how I came across it, I was looking for a read-a-thon to do and low and behold here it was! Of course the challenges that people have put up for us is a lot of fun. Being able to knock out my TBR pile (only to add more later on lol!) It's just been fun and exciting so far! This is my eighth one and I'm so glad to have found this small little unit of people who are just as crazy as me hehe!


Well, that's it from me, I'll be back tomorrow with my last post of this awesome week! So, I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are, and til tomorrow!