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BoBs Week is Coming!!!

What's up everyone and how's it hanging? I'm doing pretty good, finally got around doing this post! So, for today I will be sharing with you all that I am participating in my eighth Bout of Books week next week and I'm so excited to do it again!!! So, what does that mean? That means all next week and I do mean all, I will be posting everyday from the ninth to the fifteenth. So, expect crazy challenges and my amazing updates on my reading life! HELL YEAH!!! & YAS! 


I can't believe I have been doing this for awhile! Of course each time has been different and exciting. Now, next week my reading list is basically what you see in my currently reading area. I would love to ignore them, but I really would love to knock them off and go BAM WHAAAAATTTTT!!! I knock all you out...yeah, just a bit hyper today, but feeling great, grand, awesome, amazing, what I had no caffeine today! (Does pop count?!)  So, in case you have no idea which books I'm writing about here is my lovely list


From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

The Darkest Mind by Alexandra Bracken 


Well, that's it from me and wish me all the luck in the world for me to get through these books alive!!! hehehe OMG LOL! if you want to join I will be leaving a link after my little outro and I will be writing to you all on Monday. Oh, before I forget I don't know if I will be posting twice on Mon and Wed. I just have to wait to see how I feel! I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are and I'll write to you all on Monday!


BoBs Week!!!