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Character Playlist!!!

Hello everyone and how's it going? I'm doing pretty well myself and I'm just sitting here looking on the interweb and seeing what's new! So, I'm back with this awesome post yay!!! You're probably wondering about the title of said post. Well, it's what you expect! I have sat at my desk thinking what more I can do with posting and make it interesting. After a while, I came up with, what would certain characters of  popular books listen to that would fit their situation. I thought it would be fun to think of a character and think back to the book and recall their situation and what songs would go along with them!


So, my first character is going to be the one and only. The girl on fire herself: Katniss Everdeen and I have been looking through my iPod to see what songs would suit her and here is what I came up with.


Character: Katniss Everdeen


Bring Me To Life by Evanesence

Radioactive by Imagine Dragon

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

I Dare You To Move by Switchfoot

I Will Get There by Boys II Men

I'm With You by Avril Lavigne

Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings

Not Alone by Darren Criss

Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling ft Lzzy Hale

Under Pressure by Queen ft David Bowie

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

All of Hybird Theory by Linkin Park


Well, there we have it folks! Now, I know there could be a lot more songs that she would have, but to me these were the ones that stood out. I had a lot of fun looking up the songs and figuring out if the lyrics would go along. I will be doing more with other characters and I'm also thinking of other interesting things for them as well!  


That's it for me, I hope you all enjoyed this post! I will be back on Mon with another one, until then. I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you all and I'll write to you all then!