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I'm Back!

Hey everyone! So, as you can tell I'm back, I've been back since Sunday night and wow this trip was long and exhausting. Road trips in the backseat with all the suitcases...yeah! I would have wrote on Monday, but it was a crazy day for me and I needed a lazy day...kind of! 


So, my trip was pretty awesome driving through route 66 was pretty neat, didn't do the whole way, because we had to drive through Nevada. Got to see a bit of Vegas from the highway.


Anyways, I'm sure you all are wanting to see some pics and maybe book postings. Well, I will share all with you next Monday! Okay not all, but some and a review! Sorry this post is not full of excitement and book postings, I'm still kind of recovering from the trip and get back into the right time zone lol! Also, I didn't have any luck venturing into the city of Reno, so no new books :(, but my fam and I did go to a neat town called Virginia City!  


Well, that's it from me on this end! I hope you all have a great day/night wherever you are and I'll write to you all on Monday when I'm fully functioning hehe!




Yeah pretty much how I felt when trying to get back into my normal schedule lol!