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Owning My Own Library/Bookstore!!!

Hey everyone and how's it hanging? I'm here with another post yay!!! So, sometime last year I seen that a popular book blogging site were looking for writers. I got excited about it and decided to give it a try! Well, long story short I didn't make the cut to be a writer for them. Anywhozzles, I wanted to share to you all one of my stories I've turned in and well, I think it's pretty funny. Although, the grammar is pretty eh, I've decided to still show it to you all. Thanks to the magic of copy and paste!!!


So, I bring to you all, my story of what it would be like if I owned my own library/bookstore and it's haha moments. I hope you enjoy it and here it is as I wrote it last year: 




    Libraries and bookstores are the most popular places for us book nerds. So what would happen if I combined the two and make it into one “giant” place to come to? It would be awesome and slightly chaotic! I like the idea of these two coming together. It will be smaller on the outside (my inner whovian just came out) and of course bigger on the inside. I would name my store/library The Flying Library, because Barnes and Nobles was taking! Plus, I would be captaining an awesome book shape ship haha…yeah still working on that.  Books and other items that are for purchase would be reasonably priced and all types of currency are welcome. If you seem to have a bit of trouble and thought you had enough money, The Flying Library would gladly choose a couple of customers to pay full price for their items, but they have to deserve them that’s the only thing.  The Flying Library would carry many books in all languages and books from around the world. I would have dedicated spaces for the library and store, it would be chaotic to have both places in the same area, who does that?! People would come and go as they please; I would make sure that it’s homey for everyone.


            If some want to host a book club, they would be more than welcome to do so; I would have a space for any book related use. Now, it would be slightly boring if you just go straight to the section where a specific book is. I would make it a lot more interesting with color coding and The Flying Library would make the books move on their own for special occasions and/or if someone is completely rude and disrespectful. Just imaging going to look for a book and finding it and as soon as you try to reach it; it starts to move. You’ll have a short time to catch the book before it blasts off into another direction. I know it wouldn’t be fun, but it will make me feel just a little bit evil. As far as color coding, well I think that it would be fun just to have a section based off the color of the spines…duh! I would make it interesting for the teenagers who would probably go for it…no…no they wouldn’t (so, it’s safe to say that color coding is out.)


            As far as the teens go, I would make sure they have a cool spot to hang out and well maybe get their input on how they would have made their own hang out space. It’s something that would make them feel welcomed, and feel like they are in charge of their hangout area. Also, the place would change it to what each person would like to see the place as. No adult themes at all, unless The Flying Library makes up a special place for those randy adult, but nothing further than that. Now, as far as the children go, will that’s going to be a lot of fun to deal with, children have the purest hearts and minds…unless they are like my nephew, then The Flying Library would be taking over by little masterminds. I would make sure that books come to life, getting children to be interested in subjects that are deemed cool to them. The Flying Library would set up areas for them to learn about that said subject(s).


           Trying, to get through this place would take decades and even if you are practically there since the age of one or something, you still won’t be able to explore every bit of the store/library. It would change out and adapted to a customer’s specific needs. Customers would be everywhere and in every section they visit there is always something interesting going on for example: a random book club started by anyone or a gameshow based off the books of that section ( so you better get to reading those books…there might be prizes!) Well, I can’t forget about the tech geeks and how they love their e-books I would sell my own product of an e-reader, basically it would be like the guide book from “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. The selections to buy or borrow books would be so huge that you’re going to need something like it. Plus, you can link up with others and have a discussion with others who are reading the same book as you; the e-reader would provide spoiler free forums and other sites.  There is also a cool spot for just stationary, writing supplies, art supplies, and whatever else. I would be there myself all the time just see all the journal, office supply goodness!


       Also, let’s not forget about food and drinks, I would be very scare of a bunch of hangry people, more so over the children, who knows what goes on in their little minds when they’re hangry! Of course The Flying Library would cater to everyone’s cravings (hell you might end up with a whooper in your hand, because that’s how awesome it is.)  Food and beverages are something that can be eaten anywhere, but there would be a protection shield of sorts sounding the books, unless you pay for them then eat at your own risk.


   When it’s all said and done, The Flying Library would say it’s goodbye to everyone, beam them home and it will close and shift its stock and I would be sitting at the “driver” seat thinking of the following day’s new adventure!




Well, that's it for this post! I know it was kind of cheating because I didn't write it out, but I do thank the person who invented the copy and paste buttons!!! This took me about a week to get it at a good place. I had a lot of fun writing this out and I do hope that you enjoyed my little adventure!


I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are and I'll write to you all on Monday!