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Long After Midnight Review!!!

Long After Midnight - Iris Johansen

Hello everyone! So, I'm here with a Monday post and I'm happy to be sharing a book review this time. Before I start, how was everyone's Valentines yesterday? Mine, well, I'm single but who cares because The Walking Dead came back on and it was an awesome episode! Anywhozzles enough of that on to the book review. 


The book I will be review is of course in the title and it was written by Iris Johansen. I'm going to take it a little differently and hopefully this turns out good. Stay with me on this and I hope to get you all out alive...maybe...not making any promises!


Blurb of sorts: 


The story focuses on a woman name Kate Denby who is a scientists and doctor. Things happen to her all because of an assumption that someone had made. She and her family are now and danger and with the help of two men, one who got her in the mess and the other is his best friend. Kate needs to save her family and her own life.





Kate- Main

Joshua- Son

Phyliss- Mother-in-law

Noah- Scientist that needs Kate's help

Seth- Best Friend to Noah

Ogden- Bad Guy

Ishmar- Hired gun and  psycho killer


My Thoughts:


This book was surprisingly really good. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters who were in danger. I got annoyed with Kate first and then I realized that she is only trying to protect her son and mother-in-law (who had choosing to live with Kate when her son and Kate got divorced.) 


The characters where well written I enjoyed the bickering between Kate, Noah, and Seth. Phyliss had become my favorite character, because of her lines. Like a line between her and Seth when they were being introduced "I'm Seth. You must be Phyliss Denby." 

"I'm not sure," she said breathlessly, "I was when I started up these stairs. I may have passed into the after life." Best line I've read in awhile. Joshua has a protective nature to him and he has been wanting to stay by his mom's side since, he and his mother witness his father die in a car bomb. It's hard not to be to annoyed at the kid and wanting to make sure his mom will come out on top.


The characters of Ogden and Ishmaru annoyed the hell out of me! Ogden needed to die some where and Ishmaru needed Jesus or something. He kept calling Kate "Emily" because of a woman who fought with him and he killed and thought she was a warrior who chose Kate to be reincarnated. The man was psycho and killed with no problem, no matter whom his victim was. There are other characters in this book, but are really the main focus as the other were.


I enjoyed this story more as I got further into it, there was hardly a dull moment. As least it wasn't for me, but I would totally recommend this book. Well, that's it for me and I'll be back on Wed with a new post.


I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are and I'll write to all then!