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Gone Review!

Gone - Lisa Gardner

Hello everyone and how's it going? Well, I'm doing pretty well myself! So, anywhozzles I'm here with another book review. I was actually surprised at how much I would like this book at the end. This one was really interesting and it drew me in big time. The story I will be reviewing is "Gone" by Lisa Gardner.


This book is about an ex-FBI profiler name Pierce Quincy who has learned that his estranged wife Rainie Conner has been kidnapped. So, he works along side the police to help find her and get her back alive.


This story also focuses on Quincy's daughter Kimberly and her boyfriend Mac. As well as a seven year old boy name Dougie Jones who is also kidnapped by the same person. Plus, some of the members of the different police departments


I found this book really exciting and I was trapped in the world of Mr. Quincy and then his wife. I wanted to be her as she had tried to kick her kidnappers ass (pardon me). I too found myself solving the mystery as they all were. I was a little scare when I read that the character of Dougie liked to start fires, yeah not cool man not cool! 


I was surprised that there wasn't a character that I found annoyed or wanted to really smack across the head. Well, except for the kidnapper, but that's a given hehe! Usually there is always a character or two that I don't like, but not in this book. Each character had their own uniqueness and story to tell and it didn't feel like it was too much. 


The author did an amazing job at giving a character their own little section, but still is connected to the main plot of the story. I would definitely would recommend this book to anyone who is into crime/thrill/suspense novels.


Well, that's if for today I'll be back next Monday with yet another post mehuh!!! :) I hope you all have a great day/night where ever you are and I'll write to you all then.