Ali In Book Wonder

Just a woman that has many books to read and many books to be bought and just to have books. Oh the books that have yet to be read by me!

BoBs Week is Coming!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had an amazing holiday! I did, my holiday was very laid back and it had the Doctor Who Christmas Special he he!!!


As always The Bout of Books read-a-thon is starting and I'm excited for it! It starts on the fourth and ends on the tenth. So, be expecting challenges and me actually blogging...whaaaat! I know I'm horrible at the blogging, I'm making plans for this blog though!


So, what am I going to be reading? 

I'm going to be reading The Sisterhood Series by Ann Brashares

Yep, I have seen both movies, but I have never read the books and now I'm going to take the time to do so. Hopefully I can get through all five this coming up week. If not well, whenever I can so yay! 


Well, that's all I have for now! Have a great day!