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Anti Bully Read-a-thon Week!



Hey everyone how's it going? Well, today I'm writing to you all about a read-a-thon that is happening this month. That is the Anti Bully Read-a-thon. This was started by a youtuber name Sarah Churchill. The point of this read-a-thon is to raise awareness of this topic and to spread information out. 


All you have to do is read as many books as you like, about the topic or have some form of bullying in the book. It's really easy! The read-a-thon starts on the 16th of this month and ends on the 22nd. I will leave links to Sarah's announcement video and plus to the goodreads pg.


The two books I'm going to be reading during that week is:


"Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli &


"A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett


I'm going to share a little about my childhood. I was fortunate enough*not to be bullied, I have been picked on and to me as a sensitive was horrible. I was mainly picked on by the boys and it was hard for me, but I've growing out of that, I'm still sensitive but I can handle things better. As a result of being pick on I ended up picking on those who I called my friends, because I just wanted to be like everyone else! Sad? Yes it was, but I was a kid and luckily I didn't turn into a full on bully, because if I was and my mom had gotten wind of me being one, yeah, I wouldn't be here writing to you all! LOL! I still feel bad about what I did to my old friends and I wish I could say I was sorry to them, but now all I can to is spread love and encourage those who need it!


Now, my story is nothing compared to what these poor kids now a days have to go through. Yes, even back then it was rough, but we didn't have the internet, and now anyone can go to the extreme and ruin someone's life! It's horrible, cruel, and down right ridiculous. I wish I could do more, but I figured this is a small step to take towards helping out. 


I hope you'll join in this read-a-thon and be a voice for those who are not ready, and to encourage them. To tell them they are amazing as they are!


Well, that's all that I have and down below are the links:


Sarah's Video


Goodreads Pg


Hope you all have a good weekend!!!