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BoBs 14.0 day 7!!!!!!! and the last day boo

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Hey everybody! How's it going? Well, today is the last day of Bout of Books...sad day :(, but that doesn't mean the party should stop! This going to be the last update for this bout of books, but don't worry I'll be back with fun reviews and shtuff! I've managed to read about two and close to a half of books this time. Which were "The Almond Tree", "The Biology of Luck", and the one I'm still currently reading "Unburying Hope". I will do a review on these books, and let you know how I felt about them later on. So, since this is the last day, I'm doing one last challenge for this day of the bout of books challenge...hehe. Here I go...Geronimo!


Challenge: What to Read Next? by blogger: Sarah Reads Too Much

What we have to do is suggest three, just three books that we've read this year and give a reason why. So, here are my three:


The Five People We Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom 

This book is wonderful. The characters are wonderfully written and it's filled with feels. Yes, this book will give you a lot of feels. This book makes you wish and pray that heaven turns out the way it's written. That's powerful right there!


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

This story turned out to be really amazing. This book had me smiling and giggling especially, when the depressive robot Marvin comes in. This book has a lot of crazy and fun in it.


The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti

This book gives you an insight into a history that not really a whole lot of  people know about. I found this book to be very insightful  of a world filled with war, hate, and poverty. This book maybe fiction, but the world is all to real. The suffering is real and it's saddening. 


That has been my last challenge for this week and it's a good one. I really didn't read a whole lot of books this year, but I'm slowly picking it back up. I hope you all have enjoyed this week and I hope to be back with updates. Well, have an awesome time everyone.




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