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BoBs 14.0 day 3!!!

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Hello peeps how's it going? So, I'm back with yet another update and another challenge (more on that in a little bit). Anyways you remember how yesterday I was complaining about the book "A Million Little Pieces" yeah...I moved on to a different book that has got my interest and I find it heartbreaking and hopeful at once. I'm almost half way done with it and that book is called "The Almond Tree" by Michelle Cohen Corasanti. So, far this book is really good. I happy that I stepped away from the other one, because too much...too much! Well, enough of that it's time for THE CHALLENGE OF THE DAY!!!!! I know I'm a dork! 


Challenge: MASH by blogger: Rocky Top Real Talk

So, for those of you who grew up in the 90's like myself...gasp I know I don't look it lol. I'm hitting 30 and I don't care! Well, anyways you all should know the game MASH...maybe. I'm not going to go into details, because it's hard to explain, if you want to know more Goggle it! So, I did it and here is my results:




So, I live in a Mansion in Dublin where I drive in a Chevy Truck to work as a professor and I have 1 child with my s/o Edward Cullen and my best friend is Katniss Everdeen.


Those were my results...How fun right...personally I was really hoping for the Impala. (SPN fans should know!)


Well that's it for this edition of BoBs 14.0 Day 3!!!