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BoBs Day 6

So, it's the second to last day of BoBs and it's been a fun week. I'm nearing the end of my book I have about eight more chapters left and it's exciting. I didn't go any further in my TBR pile it's still just the one I'm currently still reading yay. Anywhoozles enough of that crazy talk I'm here to do a quick challenge and it's really easy.


Challenge: Favorite Read Photo Challenge  Brought to you by: Once Upon a Chapter

All you have to do is just take a picture of one of your favorite read during this week. It's that simple and easy yay! Well, since I'm only reading the one. It's still a good book so here is my photo!




Well, that is the book that I am reading! I was hiding myself, because I'm a mess of sorts. 


That's it for today's update and I hope you all are having an awesome time reading all the reads.  I'll be back tomorrow for my last update for BoBs (sad face)