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Just a woman that has many books to read and many books to be bought and just to have books. Oh the books that have yet to be read by me!

BoBs Day 5

Well hello everyone how's it going? So I'm here for a quick update! I'm still on my first book and it's going good. I would like to finish it soon so that way I can move on, but I get a little side track from things. Well, for today's challenge...I am bowing out of this one, because it's a little hard to to do when I don't have a color scheme and books that are similar to each other but I will tell you the challenge.


Challenge: Cover Color Challenge  Brought to you by: Wishful Endings

Here you choose a color or two that are mixed together and find similar books to it on your bookshelf. It's better to go on the blogger's website to get a better knowing of it.


Like I mentioned I don't have a whole lot of books to easily choose a color scheme and similarity to my books. I wish I would have done this one, because it sounded fun to do, but I don't have the luxury of books like a lot of people do. So, yep bowing out seemed like a good thing to do.


That is it for today, nothing really exciting and it's ok just an off day for me. Well, I wish you all luck in your readings and have an awesome day or night where ever you are.