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BoBs Day 3

What up everyone? How's your read-a-thon or just read going? So, I'm back for day three and getting into my book. I'm shocked at how I'm liking this book, I thought I was going to not like it or hate it, but it's getting even more interesting. So, I'm here to do a quick post and challenge for this hump day! yay! So, here I go with the challenge.


Challenge: Book Haiku  Brought to you by: Kristina Horner

It's easy all you have to do is write a Haiku about the book you're currently reading yay here's mine:


Book: Finishing Touches


Jess loses friend.

Falls in love with widower. 

Now she's confuse.


Well, here's my sad attempt of a haiku...never wrote one before, but it was fun to do. That's it for me, I hope you all are doing awesome at your thing and I'll write to you all later!