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On the Seventh Day of Bout of Books...This rEaD-a-ThOn gave to mE!

Good Hello Everyone,


How's the reading going? Well, today is the last day and I'm a little sad to see that it's done, but also, a little happy, because I haven't been feeling to good all this week. So, reading was hard to do and I got lazy. Well, enough of that sad complainant.


Well, let us going on with the challenges of this last day! These should be quite interesting challenges. Let's jump in! Allons-y


Challenge One:  My (dysfunctional) Book Family -- Blogger: Auggie Talk


So, basically you create your own dysfunctional book fam and explain why you choose them in a serious or funny way. So yeah just pick your own mom, dad, bro, sis, whatever and boom family! So, here is my dysfunctional book family.


Mom: Marmee from Little Women because she is so sweet, kind, caring and she fits the role of mom great.

Younger Sister: Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice because she's is stubborn, but caring, also she is just someone you can talk to.

Dad: Sirius Black from Harry Potter because he is just as kind and caring.

Older Brother: Edward Cullen from Twilight because he's moody and dysfuntional


I really don't think this is a dysfunctional family, maybe weird at the fact that Sirius can turn into a dog and use magic. Marmee would be so worried for Sirius and Elizabeth would be busy hating Darcy and never wanting to talk to him. Edward would be hell-a all over the place whining about how he loves Bella, but doesn't want to hurt her or be around her. My family would be all over the place and poor Marmee wouldn't know what to do with Lizzie or Edward. Luckily I will be there to help Marmee when needed! 


So, yeah I choose awesomely at my dysfunctional family really wisely...hehe!


Challenge Two: #insixwords Challenge -- Blogger: Falling Down the Book Hole

Ok so for this challenge you have to come up with six words to describe any book that you have read! Just choose 2-3 books and go from there. Here is mine!


Twilight by Stephenie Meyer  "Dysfunctional teen girl who loves death"


Little Women by Louisa May Alcott  "Sisters who find themselves with love"


Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson "A girl struggles to speak out"


Wow, that was fun to do! I liked what I came up with for Twilight. It's a love/hate relationship between me and Twilight. 


Well, there we have it! It has been a crazy week and I have enjoyed every bit of it! I'm still not done with the second book, but I'm ok with that, I can take my time. I hope you all are having a fun time reading and if you had been doing BoBs I hope you had a blast doing it! I'm sad to be done, but there is always the next one coming up May!


Well, until the next BoBs


Write to you all later!