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On the First Day of Bout of Books...This Read-A-Thon gave to me!

Hello World, 


How are you all doing this awesome day! Well, as you can tell it is day one of the Bout of Books read-a-thon and I'm excited to start. Of course yesterday I told you what books I'll be reading for this week and I jumped right into "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas far so good. But, enough about that...we're here for the challenges right! Right! lol so today two challenges are fun and exciting to be doing! So, here is the first challenge of the day.


Challenge one: Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt -- Blogger: Caught Read Handed


It's pretty easy, she left us with seven and a bonus thing to do which is right here:


 Find a book with the following criteria on a bookshelf:
1. Find an author with the same initials as you
2. Find a book with the color yellow on it
3. Find an author’s name with the letter “S” in it
4. Find a book with a female protagonist
5. Find the longest book you own
6. Find a book with a map in it or on it
7. Find a book with a face on it (photograph or illustrated)
Bonus: Find something on your shelf that isn’t a book.


Here is what I got

The first one was find an author with the same initials as you...well, didn't find any, so, that's out of the question.


The color yellow in the book: "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson

Find an author's name with an "S" in it: "Splitends" by Kristin Billerbeck  

A book with a Female Protagonist: "Snoop" by Susan E Paul

The Longest Book I Own: "Little Dorrit" by Charles Dickens

Book with a map in it or on the cover: "The Biology of Luck" by Jacob M. Appel

Book with a face on it (photographed or illustrated): "Son of a Witch" by Gregory Maguire

Bonus~ Find something on shelf that isn't book related: The lovely jar next to "Son of a Witch"

My findings ladies and gentlemen! onto the next challenge!


Challenge Two: New Year's Resolutions -- Blogger: The Book That...

Here is what the blogger wants you to do!


New Year’s Resolutions
Whether you have made reading resolutions or want to use general life resolutions you have made over the New Year holiday, pick books with titles that relate to each of your resolutions. You can post as many or as few as you would like.


Here are my Resolutions:


The Alchemist by Paulo  Coelho  represents my living life resolution. I want to live my life and do things I have never done before. I want to explore the world, put up more youtube videos, write a book and publish it! There is a lot I want to do.


Finishing Touches by Deanna Kizis  represents finishing. I have a lot of unfinished things that I haven't touched in a long time and I would like to finish a lot of that. Including the semi huge TBR pile I have and that doesn't even count my e-book...Shma!


Unburying Hope by Mary Wallace  represents my hope of finishing things and living my life with a lot of hope that has been buried inside me for a while!


Well, that concludes today's challenges and my check in for day one. I hope you all are having an awesome time so far...enjoy the week and have fun. 


Until Tomorrow!