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BoBs 19 and Other Stuff

Hey everyone! How are you all? I hope you all are doing awesome and kicking some reading butt!!! I know it's been such a long time since I posted anything to this poor blog of mine. I seem to have lost the will to read and post anything. I have tried, but I just push it aside and forget about it. But now I'm going to be back next week, to start BoBs 19 and I'm really looking forward to doing so.I just wanted to come on and say HEY! and I'm still alive lol! Now, after BoBs week I may take my time at posting. Once I get things going here, I hope to start doing it more regularly like I have in the past. I am  not to sure yet. I don't want to promise something that I can't keep. So, yeah hopefully I will get that reading itch back and posting back as well. I hope you all are having an awesome day and I will be back next Monday to start off BoBs week! Til Then


Later Days!!!



Reading progress update: I've read 97 out of 271 pages.

The Last White Knight - Tami Hoag

I will honestly say that romance novels isn't really my thing. This one isn't too bad. The fact that there was instant chemistry between the main character of Lynn and a young Senator name Erik is crazy to read and awkward. Either way can't really give you all too much details. K BYE!!!

A Story that I Ended up Liking

Apologize, Apologize! - Elizabeth   Kelly, Jeff Woodman

Hello everyone and how are you?! I hope all is well and you are having an awesome time. I'm doing pretty good at my end, not much to complain about. Well, enough of the small talk lol! And, onto this post that is a book review YAY!!! The book is called "Apologize, Apologize" by Elizabeth Kelly. This novel was her very first and now I will tell you all about it...kind of!


The story is about a guy name Collie Flanagan (yes, his name is from a dog breed). This is from his prospective on how he grew up on Martha's Vineyard with his crazy Irish-Catholic family. A dad(who's name I forgot) who is drunk it seems like 24/7, a mom (who's name I also forgot) that really doesn't care about Collie and hates her father (she thinks he murdered someone!), a playboy of a younger brother name Bingo, a pigeon-racing uncle name Tom (who is the older brother to the dad and pretty funny), and lastly a very rich grandfather name Perry who is the prime income holder for the whole family (which they do not live with him and this is the father to Collie's mother). So, he shares his story growing up.


Okay, so this book had turn out to be better than what I expected. I mean, I went from disliking this book to really finding myself grown attached to this crazy ass (pardon) family. There where moments in this book where I really wanted to deck the mom (more so then ever!) and of course smack Collie for just being constantly down in the dumps. There is a few heartbreaking moments, that had me really needing to close the book and set it aside for the night. Moments that had you laughing a little, and also yelling at the book too. Yeah, I am a crazy reader. But, this book is a totally worth the read if you are up to it. I mean I got this at a used bookstore thinking it was going to be hilarious. Yes, it was hilarious and it was also full of all other emotions. I have to hand it to the author for it being her first novel at the time. It was well written in my opinion, but it is up to you all to figure out rather or not you will enjoy it.


HOLY BOOK BATMAN! I'm done for today!!! I will be back on Monday with a brand new post. Until then, have a kick ass weekend!



Hello! How is everyone doing? I'm doing pretty good myself. So, today I wanted to share with you all my video of my bookshelf tour. It's something different and I think you all might enjoy what I have. So, please enjoy and I will be back on Friday with a new post. 




Also, have a kick ass day &/or night!

Review: The Weight of a Feather

The Weight of a Feather and other stories - Judy Croome

Hey everyone and how are you all doing? I hope you're doing well. I'm doing pretty good myself!


So, yesterday I finished this book "The Weight of a Feather" by Judy Croome and it's a book of short stories and poems. While I was reading a lot of these stories and poems, I have come across a wide range of emotions in each story. Some stories were really good and touching. Others, where just down right wrong and horrible. Then, there are the others that just made me say "What the Hell did I just read!" It was just a wide range of emotions that I had. I mean wow! There was one story about a little girl and her rabbit and she was having fun, then the next thing she did was, after getting bored of her pet rabbit. She threw it onto a grill where her father was barbecuing and killed it and she started running around laughing. I mean what the hell! There were some empowering stories as well and they could make just about anyone feel strong. I guess that if you really want to got through every emotion you should get it and see what I'm writing about. It was just wow again!


That's all that I have for you all! I hope you all are having a kick ass day/night and I'll be back on Monday with a little something different! Until then,


LaTeR dAyS!!!



Nanny Returns- Review

Nanny Returns - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin

Hey everyone and how are you all doing?! I hope amazing. I'm doing pretty good myself, feeling a whole lot better. I got sick over the weekend and I was suppose to do this review on Friday, but since I got sick and I wasn't home for a bit. I didn't post this review. So, let's jump in shall we.


So, of course I will be review "Nanny Returns" by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus


Nan returns home after living with her now husband Ryan (a.k.a Harvard Hottie) and is ready to settle down in one spot. She has a new business that she is getting off the ground and trying to get the couple's fixer upper of a house well fixed! On top of the chaos Ryan wants to start a family and Nan isn't ready. Then, the icing to the cake a now sixteen year old Grayer comes back in to Nan's life and wants to know why she left him. Nan feeling guilty ends up helping Grayer and his brother Stilton with some things. That means coming face to face with Mr. and Mrs. X and it's up to Nan to change things around.


Okay, so this story was really interesting and really had me going. As most of you could tell by my updates. For one, Nan's guilt for leaving Grayer is understandable, but I could see that he was using her and it was so out of line. But, happy to see Nan finally snap on him and make him see straight. Like I've mentioned in the updates there were a lot of minor characters that just needed to be hit with a baseball bat. I was getting frustrated at the problems that a school where Nan works was handling something serious. Why are some people so dumb. The entire time when it came to Nan being at work, I was hoping she would let loose on these people and tell them how it is, but nope not once. It's understanding giving that this is her job and she doesn't want to screw it up. But, still if this is how some people are in real life, then damn I am so glad I'm not around them, because I would probably hurt a lot of them. Nan, I know wants to help out Grayer so much, but when you see that they don't want it, then you have to back away. This book just made me mad a lot and it just hurts to know that there are people in real life who are like some of these characters. It's very eye opening again and I like that very much. I could go on some more, but really I think that you all should read this if you haven't and see where I'm coming from. 


So, that's it from me, I know I sound all over the place. I was just going with the flow of things! I will be back on Friday with another post. I hope you all are having an awesome day/night and I'll write to all later.



Reading progress update: I've read 220 out of 305 pages.

Nanny Returns - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin

I am pretty deep in this book and well so far I just want to do some damage. There are a lot of minor characters that I would love to take a baseball to (I know harsh as ever, but you'll understand if you read it.) Nan is reverting back to her old ways of taking care of a 16 year old Grayer and his brother Stilton. She has to step up her game and really lay it in on their parents again. Book is frustrating and interesting at the same time... MEH!!!

An amazing story!

If You Could See Me Now - Cecelia Ahern

Hey everyone and how are you doing? I am doing pretty good myself. So, today I have a book review and that is on "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern. Now, I will admit that for the first time in my entire reading career (lol). I actually fell in love with a fictional character! Yeah, I can't believe I'm really admitting this, but the character of Ivan was just well written! 


So, let's jump in shall we!


This story is about a woman name Elizabeth and her seven year old nephew Luke. The two don't spend time together. Plus, Elizabeth is a bit of a control freak, she needs to have everything in order. Until the mysterious Ivan shows up and changes her life!


I just have to say that this is yet, another favorite of mine. I loved every bit of this book. Elizabeth I just wanted to really smack her and tell her to take it easy, but as the story went on and reading about her past. I felt sorry for her, but her attitude about having fun or being colorful was annoying and again I wanted to smack her. She had her childhood over taking with taking care of her little sister and their dad after her mother left, then when she grew up was forced to take over the responsibility of her nephew. Again, I see why she is the way she is, but that is no excuse for an uptight attitude. Luke is just like any seven year old who just wants to have fun and feel loved. But, with his aunt not showing any love toward him, he gets used to her ways. Ivan...sweet Ivan comes into Luke's life first and becomes best friends with him. That's Ivan's job, becoming best friends to children who need him. Did I mentioned that he is around the same age as Elizabeth, but she can't see him at all. After spending some time with Luke and Elizabeth, Ivan feels a pull towards Elizabeth and when he follows her around, he falls for her. Elizabeth indulges Luke on having Ivan  as an invisible friend (that hopefully she'll never have to hear from him again after a few months.) and doing the best she can to go along with Luke and pretend that Ivan is a "real" person. Until, one night while she was having a hard day, Ivan appears to her. He shows her the way on how to act like a really fun person and enjoy life. 


Well, I can't really go into more detail, because you are going to have to read it for yourself to see how it goes. I again just love Ivan, because he's funny, sweet, kind, wise, and well adorable. Good Grief why did this fictional character invade my life hehe. You all should really read this story if you haven't. I really do recommend this amazing story. 


So, that's the post and hope you all enjoy it. I will be back of course on Monday. If there aren't any hiccups again with anything like this past Monday. Maybe it was just me. Until then, I hope you all are enjoying whatever time of the day is! Have fun, be excited, and crazy, but not to crazy.



Reading progress update: I've read 196%.

If You Could See Me Now - Cecelia Ahern Ok so this story is OMG and I am loving it and I want to love it forever! K that's all you get hehe

My Plan for 2017!

Good hello everyone and how are you all?! I am doing fantastic. I have finally posted a video to my youtube channel after a long time not doing so! I'm happy to be back doing it. Okie Dokie, so on to what this blog is about. So, I have been thinking about how I should get back into swing of things with this here blog of mine. I will be posting, just not three days a week (yet.) I want to be able to get back into the creativity of this blog. I have missed blogging for the two months I took off.


I am planning on blogging Mondays and Fridays. Then, if you all have an instagram account and want to follow me just look up @aliinbookwonder. Also, the same username for twitter if you want to do that as well! I will be posting some bookish things and you will also get to see my crazy life as well lol! This is a bit new for me to do this whole follow me on social media thing. I'm usually not like this, but since it's a new year why not give it a try! 


I have a new read for this month and that is "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern. I'm two chapters in and so far not to bad! So, this is all I have for you all! I'll be back on Friday with a new post. Until then, I hope you all have an kick ass day/night and I'll write to you all then.



Day 7 of BoBs and the last day!

Hey everyone and how's it going? I hope you all are having a great day or night! I'm doing pretty awesome myself. As you can tell from the title that it's the last day of BoBs and as always I had a lot of fun. I of course have my last update for you all. I have finished reading "The Rift" and it turned out to be a really good read. There wasn't a moment that I was bored and wanted it to end. Like I've mentioned yesterday there isn't a challenge for today at all. So, this is just a quick update and to say that I had fun doing this read-a-thon! 


That's all I have for today and I'll be back tomorrow with a new post. I hope you all are having an awesome day/night and until then.


Later Days!

6th Day of BoBs!!!

So, I just had the fun and excitement of having to re-do posts of BoBs days, because home girl got her days messed up...I need help hehe! Hey everyone and how's it going? I am doing pretty good considering having to edit some of my posts (which isn't too bad) then clean up my room a little. 


Anyways enough of that. I am here to bring you an update to this here read-a-thon I'm doing! Well, I am not further into "The Rift" and it's going pretty good, it's really interesting and I like that fact that the characters are of different race and sizes! I should be done with this read soon or wait until tomorrow to close out this read-a-thon. I'm taking my time on reading and see what kind of reading goal I have. There are not challenges to share for today nor tomorrow, but I will update you all again tomorrow.


That's all I have and I hope you all are just having a kick-ass day/night and I'll write to you all tomorrow!


Later Days!!!

Day 5 of BoBs!!!

I got an awesome package in the mail and it's from book outlet and that book is "The Dead House" by my internet friend Dawn Kurtagich!!! Hey everyone and how are you?! I am doing very well and I am here to bring you an update! So, today I started an e-book called "The Rift" by J.T. Stoll and so far it's not to bad. It's not that long of a read and I will take my time on reading it. For today's challenge it's about recommending books based of the interest of what you read. I honestly cannot think of any books to recommend. Ok, I think I came up with one! So, here I go.


If you like "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert then try "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho  


Already then, that is all I can think of for now. I will be back tomorrow with an update! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and I'll write to you all tomorrow!


Later Days!

BoBs Day 4

So, I woke up this morning thinking I need to read!!! Hey everyone and how's it hanging? I am feeling pretty awesome myself! I am here to bring you an update about my first read. And, I finished just a bit ago and it was really good. I ended up enjoying the book and the main character turned out really understanding. Although, I am sticking to what I said in the beginning of what I first said about her! This book really made me want to go and visit Ireland! I will go into full detail later! That's all for my update and now for the challenge of the day! It's pretty simple it's book spine poetry! All you gotta do is go through your bookcase and create a poem. Here is what I came up with!





Ta-da lol! That's it for today! I hope you all are having an awesome day/night. And, I'll be back tomorrow with a new challenge and update!


Later Days!!!

BoBs day 3!!!

Hey everyone and how's it going?! I'm doing pretty awesome right now!!! I am finally able to update you all of how my week is going. Yesterday, I had a tough time posting, because I am using my tablet as a computer! But, back to my update. I am almost done with my first read and now the main character isn't to bad! The book is getting really interesting, and I'm really wanting to see where the story is going! So, yeah that's my update, now onto the challenge of the day. I am going to share what book(s) I would like to see as a movie. Let's get started shall we?!


Well, the only book I can think of to turn into a movie is:


"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho 


The White Rabbit Chronicle by Gena Showalter


Ok, so that's all I have for now. Trying to come up with books that haven't been made into a movie is hard. I know there are other books I would like to see turn into a movie. Well, that is it from me for today and I will of course be back tomorrow with another update and challenge. I hope you all are having an awesome day/night and I will write to you all tomorrow!


Later Days!!!

Day 2 of BoBs 2017 in a picture!!!
Day 2 of BoBs 2017 in a picture!!!